Altamente Recomendado - Moodle 2014 Overview by Numbers

Moodle sigue creciendo!!!
12 Years of Moodle were celebratedMoodle celebrates the first launch as our birthday on August 20.
Moodle Stats 
Moodle registered sites provide a snapshot of the active Moodle sites around the globe. Since registering is voluntary, these figures aren’t representative of all the sites, users and activity of Moodle. Consider registering your site today.
53,074 Registered sites
69,559,411 Users
7,533,753 Courses
272,793,476 Quiz Questions
229 Countries & Territories
Moodle HQ.
Moodle HQ was kept busy in 2014 with a plethora of activity for both the development and support team, lead by Founder & CEO, Martin Dougiamas.
1 HQ office move. We’d love to hear from you, please send your postcards here!
7 new faces around HQ
34 members of HQ around the globe
71 Moodle Partners, offering certified Moodle services acround the world
102 Mojitos consumed
144 Moodle is Orange t-shirts purchased!
Moodle Plugins 
Plugins are the key to unlocking the potential of Moodle, extending the features, usability and style of your Moodle site. David Mudrák summarises it best.
Double year on year downloads
964 Plugins reached in total
239 New plugins in 2014
652 Plugin developers reached in total
3.9 million downloads of plugins in 2014
Every 36 hours a new plugin submitted in 2014
4 Plugin Guardians started to provide peer-review on submitted plugins
Moodle MobileThe official Moodle Mobile application was launched in 2013, with the past year seeing some significant development from the mobile team with a raft of new features and downloads by Moodle users. The app is available for iOSAndroid and Windows.
753 sites using Mobile notifications
125,000 mobile notifications sent
23 languages
14 versions released
MoodleMoots & Research
Moodle’s own Michael de Raadt recently took up the Research Director role at Moodle HQ, servicing both research of Moodle and the MoodleMoot conferences. 2015 will be a significant year for Moodle HQ, hosting both the Australian & US Moots in the year.
23+ MoodleMoots hosted around the world
108 posts on new Moodle Research forum (since November 18)
Moodle Development
2015 will mark the major release of Moodle 3.0 in November. Over 2014, the development team
Major Releases 
21 Minor Releases
2067 issues worked on
52 security issues
1049 bugs in stable versions
3622 git commits
2667 commits from HQ developers;
955 commits from 155 other developers
General Developer Meetings
Moodle Sites & CommunityThe sites and community team provide support to the community through documentation, Learn Moodle, forum moderation, release QA testing, sites upgrades & maintenance, notices plus much much more. Their efforts are celebrated far and wide, with some key achievements in 2014.
21,089 new discussions started on forums 
14.6m visitors to 
2 new community areas on – Ukrainian Moodle and Moodle in Chinese 
300 Particularly helpful Moodle 2014 badges awarded
44 Moodle tester 2014 badges awarded
1 new documentation wiki set up – Polish Moodle Docs
2 successful Moodle GSoC 2014 students
452 Moodle 2.8 QA tests passed – 100%
1,500 Learn Moodle registrations
3 new Moodle language packs started – for Moroccan Tamazight, Pashto and Marshallese (Ebon)
Moodle Social 
Share, like and follow Moodle social sites for the latest on Moodle, new releases, elearning content and other
1517 tweets sent from @moodle
65,856 tweets tagged #Moodle
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